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Recovery coaching

In cases of personal injury, health is often severely compromised. CED has developed a unique concept - recovery coaching - to support your customer in the process of progression to health.

  • Your customer takes ownership of the recovery process

  • Intrinsic decisions minimise relapses

  • Recovery coaching leads to faster and better recovery for your customer

If your customer’s planned future prospects are snatched away by an accident or illness, it has an enormous impact on their self-confidence and also on their recovery. With recovery coaching, CED has developed a unique concept to support your customer in the process of progression to health. What are the possibilities? What is your customer still capable of? With an approach based on attention, acknowledgement and self-confidence, the recovery coach motivates patients to take control of shaping the future for themselves and to regain their health.

Emergency response from the Netherlands gives victims a lifeline

A devastating earthquake in Nepal, a coach crash with many Dutch tourists on board in Portugal, a serious bus accident in Mexico: how did the SOS International emergency team respond? Three emergency response workers tell their intense stories.
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CED coaches high school pupils on risk and innovation.

Insurance, claims, fire safety - often rather remote topics when you are 14, 15 or 16 years old. Nevertheless, awareness in this area is important. Especially if your studies are taking you in the direction of technology or (technical) service delivery. It’s good to be able to assess the risks in your sector at an early stage, and to know what innovations are available to limit them.

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