Gezin Cabrio CED Waardespecialist
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The value specialist for the insurance market

At the point when it matters, make an impression through excellent service and empathy

Every insurance policy covers valuables and possessions, and these often have a special meaning; insurers that understand this have a unique opportunity to assist owners at a really important time. Accordingly, home or contents insurance, or business interruption insurance are all products that will be of particular interest to both private individuals and companies.

Insurers should leverage their unique position

An insurer has a unique opportunity to assist their insured at those really important times, which could be following a fire, burglary, accident or personal injury. On such occasions, people need both empathy and a first-rate service. By offering exceptionally swift solutions, customers can be kept informed with accurate information which will ensure absolute peace of mind. In other words, you make sure that, as an insurer, you know how to turn negative emotions triggered by a loss into relief, quite simply by the approach that you take to resolving any problems that arise from the loss. It is at times like these that, as an insurer, you can show your true added value.

Surpassing expectations

Through the excellent service it provides, CED helps insurers, proxies, brokers and service suppliers to broaden their scope, from compensating for loss to recovering the asset value of someone’s cherished possessions. CED makes the difference by being aware of just how important people’s possessions are to them and is consequently able, time after time, to surpass the expectations of the insured parties.

CED, the value specialist for the insurance market

CED Connect Claims enables us to offer insurers a streamlined claims process, from the time when the first telephone call is made, to payment or damage repair. This is done digitally when possible and in person when necessary. CED’s strength is in its integrated approach, from emergency assistance and claims notification to damage repair, and this is what makes us a full service provider for the insurance market, or better still, a value specialist.

CED Connect Suite

Behind our full service provision is a world of unparalleled technology: CED Connect Suite. Using this package of business applications, we connect external data with our internal data and we then link our data to your systems, meaning you can always view the progress of work in real time.

Restoring value after earthquake damage

CED is a partner in the Centrum Veilig Wonen, or CVW, an organisation that has been set up to handle claims resulting from earthquakes and to inspect, and if necessary reinforce, homes and other buildings in Groningen. In this way CED aims to contribute to a safer Groningen and make the difference in the lives of its people.

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