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The value specialist for the real estate market

Guarantee safe and worry-free living by resolving problems remarkably quickly and keeping tenants informed with accurate information.

What tenants want above all is safe and worry-free living, and naturally the landlord wants this too, since a high level of customer satisfaction will increase tenant loyalty. CED will provide you with excellent service in relation to prevention and maintenance, and also in the event of unforeseen damage.

CED, the value specialist for housing corporations and property managers

A house and its contents are much more than just brick and furniture: it is home for the people who live there. As a housing corporation, property manager or Home Owners Association, you are in the unique position of being able to guarantee safe and worry-free living. You guarantee this by, on the one hand, resolving problems remarkably quickly and, on the other hand, through a streamlined process, ensuring that your tenant does not need to worry about rectifying the defect.

Surpassing expectations

CED supports housing corporations, property managers and Home Owners Associations by offering excellent service to their tenants in a way that will really make an impression and show that they are strongly committed to their tenants’ living comfort. CED’s strength is in its integrated approach: from service control room to repair and maintenance; and this is what makes us a full service provider for housing corporations and property managers, or better still - a value specialist: reducing costs for landlords and increasing the satisfaction of tenants.

The value of loyalty

Outsourcing the entire management of repairs, prevention and small-scale maintenance to CED will result in lower costs and higher tenant satisfaction. When tenants are faced with a defect or unexpected damage, caused, for example, by flooding, fire or burglary – one telephone call is enough to get the repairs underway. The job will have been finished within 24 hours, but CED’s repair company actually prefers to be at the location within just a couple of hours. Our service organisation, operating nationwide, will ensure that your tenants can continue to live in safety and comfort.

Restoring value after earthquake damage

CED is a partner in the Centrum Veilig Wonen, or CVW, an organisation that has been set up to handle claims resulting from earthquakes and to inspect, and if necessary reinforce, homes and other buildings in Groningen. In this way CED aims to contribute to a safer Groningen and make the difference in the lives of its people.

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