When value is compromised
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Fraud investigation


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Insurance fraud costs money. A lot of money ! More and more insurers are discovering how much they can save with CED’s fraud detection and investigation services. Because tackling fraud effectively creates value for everyone.

  • Highly cost-effective approach to fraud

  • We work together with both internal and external specialists, such as the TNO research institute, doctors, lawyers, architects, cybercrime experts and personal injury specialists

  • Also for businesses outside of the insurance world who are faced with fraud, theft or other incidents

Detecting fraud begins with a keen sense of fraud awareness: our investigators are trained in this, so they can identify and report dubious claims. If they see something suspicious, the claim is investigated more closely. Using proven interviewing and investigation techniques, state-of the-art technology and detection skills in both the physical and the digital world, our investigators get right to the bottom of suspicious cases.

CED Connect Suite

Behind our full service provision is a world of unparalleled technology: CED Connect Suite. Using this package of business applications, we connect external data with our internal data and we then link our data to your systems, meaning you can always view the progress of work in real time.

Restoring value after earthquake damage

CED is a partner in the Centrum Veilig Wonen, or CVW, an organisation that has been set up to handle claims resulting from earthquakes and to inspect, and if necessary reinforce, homes and other buildings in Groningen. In this way CED aims to contribute to a safer Groningen and make the difference in the lives of its people.

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