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How artificial intelligence changes the mobility chain in an unrecognisable way

Artificial intelligence is making a remarkable breakthrough thanks to self-learning systems. It’s not yet clear exactly how soon a computer will drive our car. What is clear is that AI is already changing the mobility chain, drastically. From split second claim calculation to breakthrough mobility subscriptions.

Adriver who never becomes sleepy and is never distracted? Who never drinks, can see clearly in the dark and whose reactions are superhumanly fast? When it comes to mobility, artificial intelligence (AI) is often mainly associated with self-driving cars. These are expected to have a major, positive impact on road safety within the foreseeable future and cause accident claims numbers to plummet.

Accelerated learning
Earlier this year these expectations were deflated when an autonomous (test) car claimed its first fatality in Arizona. A few weeks later the driver of another autonomous test Tesla died. Fatal developments for AI? The nature of the system failure was not known at the time of this article going to press. “But if it was at the intelligent level, then this accident will actually accelerate the development of self-driving vehicles, as strange as that may seem”, commented Eelco Simon, Group Strategy & Business Development Manager at CED. “The principle of the current generation of AI systems is that they are self-learning and even without human intervention can make step by step Improvements.” Jan Wouters, Innovation & Internationalisation Manager at AutomotiveNL, shares these expectations and emphasizes that the pace at which AI learns increases exponentially. “The probability that AI responds properly next time, after experiencing an accident, is greater than in humans.”

AI: more than a self-driving car
According to some experts, it will nevertheless be some time, even decades, before cars are demonstrably smart and safe enough to be able to cope with every possible traffic situation on a 100% independent basis. And yet, with all the attention self-driving cars get, it is almost forgotten that AI is a force on many other fronts within the mobility domain.

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