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Dirk Clement speaks about innovation being the key to success at the 6th Annual Insurance Claims Management Conference

The moment that a customer submits a claim is the time for an insurer to prove its value. Today’s customers expect clarity and certainty: fast! That calls for a streamlined process, from answering the first telephone call to payments or damage repairs. At the 6th Annual Insurance Claims Management Conference, Dirk Clement, Director International Cross Border Claims Management at CED will explain what interesting opportunities insurers have to truly add value when a customer submits a claim. And how do you achieve cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction at the same time?

In this fast changing environment insurers either need to be able to develop new business models themselves or to find a business partner that consistently goes the extra mile for them in terms of innovative (international) claims management. CED, being a leading business partner to many insurers, has proven that innovation is the key to substantial cost saving and a commensurate increase in customer satisfaction. In other words: innovation makes the difference between the race to the bottom and a promising way forward for the position of an insurer in the modern, challenging market.
You are more than welcome to join the presentation of Dirk Clement at the 6th Annual Insurance Claims Management Conference, 26th & 27th of January 2017, Amsterdam. Please register on the website of the conference.

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