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CED strengthens European market position with acquisition of Belgian GEXA

CED, the largest independent claims handling company in the Netherlands, has taken the next step to achieve its growth ambition. CED BeLux is taking over the Belgian Groupe d'Expertise Automobile SRL (GEXA). This makes CED Group not only the market leader in Mobility in Belgium, but also strengthens the company's European market position.

In Belgium, GEXA is a top 3 player in the field of Mobility expertise and has a nationwide network with 10 locations. The annual volume of approximately 80,000 cases is handled by about sixty employees.

Multiple advantage
'Joining our forces creates multiple advantages,' says CFO Jan Willem Wolffenbuttel of CED Group. 'We can share and continue to further develop our unique, specialised services in the field of Mobility. With our joint innovation capacity we can continue to offer future-oriented digital Mobility solutions to customers of both GEXA and CED. Moreover, thanks to our combined network, we are even closer to our customers in Belgium to further optimise their customer experience.'

Next step in growth strategy
CED Group has the ambition to become the European market leader in the field of claims management. The acquisition of GEXA follows last year's acquisition of French expert services company Eurexo, and this year's acquisition of Spanish market player CAP. Meanwhile, CED Group is active in 12 European countries with approximately 2,500 employees and provides expert services in the area of claims handling also including valuations, risk inspection and emergency assistance, recovery in kind and recourse in the domains of Mobility, Property and Vitality.

Foundation for optimal service
'CED's growth is not a goal in itself,' Wolffenbuttel emphasises, 'but is intended as a foundation for optimal service to our customers: better, faster, and more efficient. With the increase in scale, we keep pace with the consolidation that is underway in the insurance sector. The combined innovative strength – supported by CED's IT development capacity in Tunisia – can significantly accelerate the digital transformation of our services. In this way CED remains of great value to current and future customers.'