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CED increases profit while taking future-proofing measures

Despite generally mild weather in 2019 and impactful developments in the market, the year saw CED make significant strides towards future proofing while improving sales and profitability. According to Hans Coffeng, CEO of CED Group, 'We have grown in a variety of ways’.

Market developments affected by economies of scale and consolidation have been present for several years and have impacted CED. ‘The parties we have to deal with are larger and sometimes have different requirements in terms of service and pricing’, says Coffeng. 'CED has anticipated this by making its services "better, faster, cheaper”. For example, by optimising processes. Technology is the key here. Which is why we invested heavily during 2019, also opening an IT hub in Tunisia. The country has highly-educated talent and can provide us with excellent assistance in the rapid, further development of important IT solutions.’

Contributing to safety in Groningen
For the past five years CED has been a shareholder of Centrum Veilig Wonen (CVW, Centre for Safe Living) and contributed to claims handling and anti-earthquake strengthening in Groningen. At the end of 2019 the contract between NAM (the gas and oil extraction company) and CVW expired and the government took over the task of strengthening the area. ‘But CED is still contributing its knowledge and expertise to the solution of this major problem for the community’, states Coffeng. ‘We are now working for the Temporary Committee on Groningen Mining Damage, focusing on damage assessment and loss adjustment.’

Solutions for the labour market
CED has also felt the supply shortages in the labour market which have affected the entire industry. CED therefore took proactive steps in 2018 to effectively rejuvenate and supplement both its own and its clients’ shortfalls in loss adjuster talent. Coffeng explains, 'Our motto is “if we can't find them, we’ll train them ourselves”. So we successfully introduced traineeships, which we repeated last year. We not only provide the opportunity for young talent to obtain the necessary diplomas and certificates, they are also intensively acquainted with applying these skills, so they can enter the market in a relatively short period of time as fully-fledged loss adjusters.’

Growth in order book
‘Growth in turnover and results is, of course, primarily due to the successful acquisition of new business. This applies to both CED Netherlands and the other CED countries', underlines Coffeng. ‘In the Netherlands we won the LCM tender, which means that CED is now partly responsible, via the direction of recovery services, for safe traffic flow after incidents on Dutch main roads. CED Iberia concluded new contracts with Mutua Madrilena and Amgen, CED Belgium extended its contract with Allianz, and in the Netherlands the a.s.r. contract was extended, to name but a few examples.

Initiating and delivering innovation
Looking ahead to 2020, Coffeng says CED wants to engage even more intensively with clients, providing them with the new services and products they need to face their challenges. ‘Not only with EMN’s specialised loss adjustment and automated claims handling, but also with innovations such as automated reporting and handling of tenants’ maintenance requirements in the property market, or with our effective Loss Adjustment Centre for Minor Injuries in the personal injury market and our intelligent software application, Vehicle Inspection Services (VIS), for the Mobility market. In short', concludes Coffeng, 'in 2020 CED will continue to be of undiminished value to the sector and to the community by initiating and securing innovative, “better, faster, cheaper” solutions and services.

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