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Managing value - with a blockchain?

Billions are being invested in it and the search for possible applications is fanning out in every direction. Blockchain technology is more than ever in the spotlight. Are the high expectations correct? What can you do - and not do with it?

If blockchain is a hype, it's nevertheless one that many are taking extremely seriously. "The technology is developing increasingly faster and billions are being invested", says Frank van de Ven of Deloitte. "And its applications are increasingly becoming more concrete." His job at Deloitte involves working together with AEGON on the first real insurance policy on the blockchain. In recent years it was mainly the financial sector that explored the possibilities offered by blockchain. Which is not strange for a technique that first gained awareness in the form of a virtual currency, the Bitcoin. In the meanwhile it has become clear that blockchain offers the possibility of many more applications. Eelco Simon (CED): "Virtually everything you can save and share via a classic database, you can also include as 'transactions' in a blockchain. Except that it's often easier, more efficient - and more secure." 

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