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When a claim is submitted, it’s at this point that you can prove your value to the customer. CED handles any claims through Connect Claims, the most advanced claims handling system in the Netherlands; this system enables you to immediately provide your customer with the clarity he or she needs.

  • Clarity and certainty for your customers, often after just one call

  • Full service provision, from the initial phone call to payment or repair

  • Lower costs, higher customer satisfaction

When a car, tent trailer, caravan, camper van or boat sustains damage, what drivers need, as quickly as possible, are clarity and certainty. Connect Claims enables you to immediately let your customers know what they can expect. This approach is successful because when possible, we work digitally or, when necessary, face to face. This has more than halved turnaround times, achieved 40% cost savings and greatly increased customer satisfaction. The use of this system has enabled CED to create value for both you and your customers.

CED Connect Suite

Behind our full service provision is a world of unparalleled technology: CED Connect Suite. Using this package of business applications, we connect external data with our internal data and we then link our data to your systems, meaning you can always view the progress of work in real time.