That which is of value, must remain of value
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Vitality is our most valuable possession. Feeling fit and healthy in mind and body, full of energy at work, at home and with family and friends. Anyone who is full of vitality and who feels comfortable in their own skin feels much more energetic and happy.

At CED we understand what is valuable to people

CED, the value specialist

The professionals of CED are able to quickly gain a clear understanding of solutions they can support your customers and provide clarity and transparency if, for example, emergency assistance is needed when your customer fall ill whilst abroad, or if they require help with reintegration following an injury. By taking action at exactly the right ttime, we can protect and preserve your customer’s vitality.  

Exceeding expectations

By offering the best possible service to you and your customers, CED aims to exceed your expectations. That means giving customers the confidence that they are in safe hands and then living up to that. We believe in the ‘golden duo’ of human expertise and smart technology.

  1. Immediate action in the event of illness and injury

    SOS International is CED’s own in-house emergency centre. Our dedicated staff are on-call 24/7 to provide immediate assistance.

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    1. Immediate assistance for illness and injury SOS International is CED’s own in-house emergency centre. Our professionals can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if someone’s vitality is threatened. If someone sustains a fractured leg following a fall, becomes ill whilst on holiday, or suffers an injury following an accident, SOS International will organise the assistance, regardless of where that assistance is required. Professionalism and empathy underline the help that is given; our professionals know exactly what is possible in every country from a medical, practical and logistical point of view. Your customers will therefore receive the assistance they require exactly at that essential point in time. We will make sure that they don’t feel that they are facing things alone.

    Emergency service
  2. Clarity is valuable

    When your client sustains personal injury, you can prove your value. This is when CED makes a difference.

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    2. Trust is valuable When a customer suffers from a personal injury, this is a turning point in their life. With the right knowledge, expertise and professionalism, we can make a difference to the situation. CED works closely with clients, enabling swift action to be taken, so that the right decisions can be made together. Our professionalism and commitment are perceived positively. We create trust and that lays the foundation for good personal injury claims management.

    Injury claims management
  3. The value of professionals

    Personal injury often requires specialised professionals. CED has in-house expertise to assist your customers properly.

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    3. The value of professionals When someone becomes ill or sustains an injury, our overriding aim is to ensure that they can resume their life in the best possible way. The situations are often complicated and that requires specialist professionals. CED has the in-house expertise to be able to assist your customers appropriately, with personal injury advisors, personal injury case managers, medical advisors, reintegration and occupational health advisors and recovery coaches. For these people, the most important question is: what does your customer need to be able to recover and regain their vitality?

    Loss adjustment
  4. The value of progress

    CED has developed a unique concept named recovery coaching, to help your client’s recovery progress.

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    4. The value of progress During a personal injury claims process, vitality is often seriously jeopardised. A victim’s future prospects may even be affected, and this has an enormous impact on the victim’s self-esteem and confidence – and therefore on his or her recovery. CED has developed a unique concept to support your customer through a process of progress, namely, recovery coaching. What options are there? What is still possible? Based on awareness, acknowledgement and self-esteem, the recovery coach will encourage your customer to shape their own future – and to therefore regain their vitality.

    Recovery and health

Emergency response from the Netherlands gives victims a lifeline

A devastating earthquake in Nepal, a coach crash with many Dutch tourists on board in Portugal, a serious bus accident in Mexico: how did the SOS International emergency team respond? Three emergency response workers tell their intense stories.
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CED coaches high school pupils on risk and innovation.

Insurance, claims, fire safety - often rather remote topics when you are 14, 15 or 16 years old. Nevertheless, awareness in this area is important. Especially if your studies are taking you in the direction of technology or (technical) service delivery. It’s good to be able to assess the risks in your sector at an early stage, and to know what innovations are available to limit them.

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