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Univé outsources loss adjustment services to CED

Univé Expertise Services (UES) have decided to outsource their car and fire loss adjustment services to CED as of 1 October next.

Univé Expertise Services (UES) have decided to outsource their car and fire loss adjustment services to CED as of 1 October next. CED's advanced approach to delivering these services benefits Univé with more efficient claims settlement and guarantees high quality - also in the long term.

On Friday 6 September CED and Univé signed the final contract to effect transfer of the Univé Expertise Services car and fire loss adjustment business to CED. CED will take over employees of UES in the transition.

Marcel Spronk and Hans Coffeng sign contract

CED's winning tender submitted to Univé succeeded on the basis of CED's lead in innovative systems, its experience in insourcing insurers' employees and operations and the efficiency and reliability of CED services. The terms of employment applied by CED were also important for Univé; these provided assurance that UES employees transferring to CED would have a sound basis on which to start working for their new employer. "Choosing CED provides continuity of our services and we've achieved a good work environment for our employees," said Marcel Spronk, Managing Director of Univé N.V. Claims. Hans Coffeng, CEO of CED, is also enthusiastic: "CED is very pleased with the transition of these activities from Univé. We welcome our new colleagues. This cooperation shows that clients not only have great confidence in our services and systems, but also in our organisation. We see it as a great compliment - that Univé not only trusts us with their work but also with their people".

Implementation of the car and fire loss adjustment services is already in full swing at CED. The official transition takes place on 1 October 2013. This expansion of its activities not only increases CED's share of the Dutch market but also its national coverage. This allows CED to more effectively deploy loss adjusters for claims settlement.

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