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CED and Red Cross support for Dutch Public Health bodies in COVID-19 track and trace efforts

As a partner of the GGD GHOR Netherlands, CED and SOS International will make an important contribution to the fight against the coronavirus. Especially if it becomes necessary to scale up track and trace activities, after a patient has tested positive.

From June 1, anyone who has symptoms that point to covid-19 can be tested in the Netherlands. If the test shows that someone is infected with the coronavirus, the track and trace activity starts to identify anyone who may have been infected. This will probably require a significant staffing resource from public health authorities. GGD GHOR Nederland (public health body in the Netherlands) is pleased to report that they will be supported in this track and trace investigation by the emergency centres coordinated by SOS International and the Dutch Red Cross.

GGD GHOR Nederland has chosen these parties because they have the expertise to do this job and can quickly have experts on hand and undergoing training. Another reason is that these organizations have been able to issue a long-term commitment to conduct the track and trace research. In this way, the parties offer the best guarantee that they can carry out track and trace investigations at the same level as the 25 public health bodies in the Netherlands.

Track and Trace means that the public health bodies will work with the patient to find out where they might have been infected and who has been in contact with them, so that these people can be contacted, made aware and advised.

Track and Trace activities are initially carried out by employees of the public health body. In addition, a national scale-up model ensures that these organisations can rely on extra capacity to carry out the vital track and trace when they need it. This national upscaling model is now being set up.

The public health bodies are working with the partners on preparations, so that they will soon be able to support the regional organisations. In this way, it can be ensured that everyone who is infected with the coronavirus is immediately contacted as part of the Track and Trace project. That is a tough but important job done with the support of emergency call centres like CED’s and the Red Cross.

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