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SOS MediTolk supports medical care and communication with doctors whilst on holiday

SOS International, the leading independent Emergency Centre in the Netherlands, has launched a unique free app for Dutch nationals who unexpectedly require professional medical care when travelling. The SOS MediTolk app is an outstanding tool which enables communication with a pharmacist, doctor or hospital staff whilst abroad.

SOS MediTolk has been developed by ViPSS in conjunction with the Dutch College of General Practitioners (Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). The ViPSS app helps people to best prepare for a visit to a doctor. The organisation thus helps to ensure a  prompt and correct diagnosis and treatment. Never before has reliable medical information in digital format been so readily available. For the time-being, SOS MediTolk can only be downloaded from the Apple store

How the app works
Information about your medical history, possible allergies, any medication you may take and details of healthcare insurance can be recorded in SOS MediTolk prior to your holiday. Travellers can access this information from anywhere on their mobile telephones. When abroad, they can then use this to quickly explain their problems, avoiding the need for unnecessary medical investigations. 

SOS MediTolk can also help where users experience any unexpected health issues whilst on holiday. Using the app, you simply click on an image of the part of the body where you are experiencing problems; after answering a number of questions, the app gives an insight into the symptoms in relation to the problems you are experiencing with that part of the body. This is a reliable point of departure when visiting a pharmacy, doctor or hospital. 
With the press of a button, SOS MediTolk also translates information into no less than 22 languages. The information can therefore be understood by 80 percent of the world’s population. Every doctor or healthcare professional can read the symptoms in their own language and provide rapid assistance. That avoids awkward situations, miscommunication, misunderstandings and perhaps even wrong diagnoses! The advice provided by the doctor who is consulted can also be entered into the app, which is useful for follow-up care when back home.

Looking for a hospital?
The SOS MediTolk offers many other features, such as First Aid tips and a list of the hospitals close to your holiday address. You can also view the experiences of other Dutch people and the type of medical care these people received. SOS MediTolk is therefore an extension of the Ziekenhuisopreis.nl website which was launched last year. 

A blessing in disguise
Nowadays, we are keen to have more and more control over things and many things are managed online. This includes our holidays; we put together our own holidays and book them online;  we arrange tickets and tailored travel insurance. SOS MediTolk expands this to allow holidaymakers to take control of their health issues as well. This is definitely a blessing in disguise.

A summary of the features of SOS MediTolk
• Reliable assistance in making a correct diagnosis based on your symptoms.
• Translation of your health issues into no less than 22 languages.
• A medical profile with space for your medical history and doctor’s advice.
• First aid tips for immediate initial medical assistance.
• Information about more than 6,000 hospitals throughout the world.
• Direct contact with SOS International’s Emergency Call Centre (depending on your insurance).