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SOS International and CED introduce all-in-1 proposition

Part of the CED Group, SOS International is the first, independent emergency response center to offer a total emergency assistance solution - from acute personal assistance to claim handling, repair and redress. Managing director Marcel van der Meulen will expand on this unique, all-in-1 proposition at today's SOS International relaunch presentation.

Van der Meulen will present the vision of this new service during the SOS Knowledge event, 'Moving forward in assistance', at De Glazen Ruimte in the Dutch city of Maarssen. The presentation will include a new look for SOS International, in line with the CED corporate identity. Integration with CED provides, says Van der Meulen, "A unique opportunity to truly relieve all client and consumer concerns. We are the first to include the entire chain of services - from acute personal assistance to repair and settlement - in a single, clear, integrated and customer-focused process".

Technological innovation is an important driver of this development. "CED is at the forefront of digital claims handling. Ninety per cent of this service can be delivered on a one-to-one basis via an emergency call center. This has speeded up the innovation process within SOS International enormously. We are now about to link our emergency aid modules to the CED Connect platform, which is rapidly becoming the standard in the insurance market. We are also developing an app that gives victims control over how they want to be helped, from the moment of their first report, and then relieves them of all responsibility for making the necessary arrangements."

Such innovations will provide a unique customer experience, because smart technology also contributes to better personal assistance, according to Van der Meulen.

"Emergency response centers often compete in terms of the lowest possible cost per call. We rather aim for the ultimate customer experience, while at the same time applying innovations to further reduce the process costs. This works well. Satisfaction levels have already increased from 8.1 to 8.4. over the past year. And plenty of opportunities remain. A crisis situation demands a lot from the victim. In such a situation it's surely ideal to have a single point of contact, where everything is arranged for you. And that's our ambition."

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