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Together we make the claims sector more relevant than it has ever been

The claims sector is becoming outdated and needs to adapt quickly. All signals point in the same direction: digital evolution is developing rapidly. Artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced automation will eradicate many years of entrenched routines. Through smart technology, insurers can prevent damage and solve problems even before their customers identify them. Faster than ‘real time’ customer service, that will be the new standard.

Today it is a matter of ‘clinging on and keeping up’ in the world of AI, bots and automation. At CED we have long understood that message. For years we have not just been a claims handler - we are proud of almost 50 years of history as an expert provider - and have long since progressed to the next stage of development.

The CED of 2018 is an international and innovative claims management company; a technology driven service provider offering emergency aid, damage management and repair. Some 5 years ago we made the fundamental decision to transform into a company offering a fully integrated claims management service. The proof? Our digital platforms for claims handling and damage repair have grown to become market standards with the highest STP (straight through processing) grade. We also achieve the highest customer satisfaction score and can hardly cope with the number of requests from the market which resulted in CED recently achieving top listing amongst the most influential Insurtech companies.

Our new shareholder, BlackFin Capital Partners, have clearly recognised the successful development of our company and are now joining this business with complete conviction. And we are proud of that. It proves that, years ago, CED took the right course. The claims industry benefits from a strong service or BPO provider, which reverses, innovates and digitises traditional claims processes. CED fully embraces this role, and we want to be and remain at the forefront of the transition to the digitalisation of the claims sector.

The CED mission statement ‘for what you value most' continues to inspire me. For customers, this signals the beginning of a period of unprecedented quality in service provision. A period in which it is no longer a matter of compensating for damage after the event, but one of protecting and preserving value faster than real time in order to prevent damage. If we seize this opportunity together, our sector becomes more relevant to customers and society than it has ever been.