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Robin Roest proclaimed European Quality Leader 2018

Robin Roest, operational director of CED’s Repair Division, was named European Quality Leader 2018 at the European Quality Congress in Paris on 22 June. The 'European Quality Leader' is a manager who has excelled and achieved success within his organisation through his leadership and through the changes and quality processes he has managed and implemented together with his team. As the winner of the Dutch Business Improvement Award 2017, he was subsequently nominated for this European title.

During the congress, the three candidates for the title each had 5 minutes to convince those present of their qualities. Robin Roest demonstrated here how CED, with a network of carefully selected professional repair and maintenance companies and a highly advanced digital platform, uniquely combines claims handling and direct restoration. After a meeting with Frédérique Vidal , the French Minister for Innovation, he was awarded this prestigious prize.

An innovative customer experience
Robin Roest was the driving force behind the initiative, which led to a turnaround in insurers’ approach to car body repair and in the perception of the insured. Insured parties no longer have to arrange damage repair themselves, but will immediately be offered a solution as soon as the damage is reported. With this, CED is introducing an entirely new customer experience as the insurer provides assistance at the very moment it is needed. As a result, insured parties greatly appreciate the fact that they are offered a solution to their problem on first contact. For insurers, this results in both cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction. Last year, for these efforts, Robin was elected Business Improvement Manager of the Year by the Netherlands Network for Quality Management (NNK).

About the European Organization for Quality
The European Organization for Quality, EOQ, is an independently operating non-profit organization that is committed to effective quality improvements in the broadest sense of the word. The EOQ plays a coordinating and catalysing role in this respect between national quality organisations and networks, such as the NNK. The EOQ has been in existence since 1956 and has more than 70,000 members in 40 countries (national quality organisations and institutes). In addition, 500,000 companies are affiliated to the EOQ and 80,000 experts are registered.

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