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Director CED, Peter Kruyt, passed away suddenly

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that our colleague and member of our Management Team, Peter Kruyt, passed away, December 29 2017, unexpectedly after a cardiac arrest. Peter (57 years) was on holiday in Costa Rica together with his wife and 2 sons, while his daughter remained in the Netherlands.

Since 2005, Peter worked for CED in a variety of management positions. Prior to his CED positions, he had worked for a Dutch Insurer “De Goudse” and Heineken. In the last few years he had an executive position at the CVW (Centrum Veilig Wonen), a joint venture of Arcadis and CED. The CVW is the implementing organization in the field of the restoration of earthquake damages and the fortification of houses in the area of the Groningen gas fields.

Peter set up and expanded the CVW to what it is to-day with great devotion. Mid-December, Peter took his leave from the position as Chief Executive for the CVW. Prior to this, and with equal dedication he had developed for CED, the European Network for International (cross border) Claims Management and Loss Adjustments Services.

Peter will remain in our hearts as a charismatic, capable and passionate leader and particularly as a wonderful and warmhearted person. Peter’s sudden passing away seems incomprehensible and we are deeply saddened by it. We wish to express our heartfelt sympathy to his wife, children, family and friends for this great loss.