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Adapted measures CED in relation to coronavirus

Storm, water or fire damage - CED / EMN is always prepared for all calamities and able to quickly and adequately assist your customers at times that matter. The outbreak of the coronavirus is a calamity that is new for everyone and which has an enormous social impact. Nonetheless, CED/EMN has been able to respond to this quickly and adequately and we will continue to deploy our colleagues and services creatively and inventively – within the guidelines of government and National Health and Safety Organisation – to help guarantee your business continuity. We gladly respond to some questions that you might have.

Will CED remain available?
CED/EMN will remain unchangeably accessible. Our IT and telephony infrastructure has been designed in such a way that everyone within CED/EMN can work independently of time and place. Our websites, mail addresses and systems will therefore remain accessible.

Which precautions has CED taken?
CED/EMN has, just like all companies and organisations in Europe, taken the precautions that are compliant with the guidelines of government and National Health and Safety Organisation. As such, our (back office) colleagues work from home as much as possible. They have been informed – and instructed on a daily basis! – of the hygienic and precautionary measures. Strict agreements apply on what to do in case of increased risk of infection.

Are experts still available?
With all precautionary measures and possibilities of monitoring, CED/EMN takes good care of her inside and outside working colleagues. Our experts are available and will realise your assignment in the most efficient and safe way possible. Similarly, our repairers (for recovery in kind services) are fully available. Should the situation deteriorate and the capacity of colleagues and partners recline, CED/EMN can call on a flexible shell of well-educated and employable professionals to ensure our services to you.

What can you expect from CED-experts?
CED/EMN follows the advice and guidelines of government and National Health and Safety Organisation. With our experts we agreed that they will inform themselves of possible corona-infections in their work area and the risks they may take. They will explicitly ask about this. Additionally, all our colleagues are informed about hygiene measures and precautions (such as keeping one’s distance) they will have to conform to. In case of suspected health issues, they will not initiate physical touch. Even more than before, experts will try to settle the damage from a distance, through video or tele-expertise. They will always mention this in their reports.

Can we help you with your overflow and work surplus?
CED/EMN is – with a large flexible shell of experienced employable professionals – designed to pick up a work surplus or overflow. So even in the current circumstances, our capacity is sufficient to pick up an overflow – both physical as well as desk expertise.

Will the KPIs be realised?
The way the situation is now, the agreed upon KPIs and service levels will be realised. Barring unforeseen circumstances, for example when (face-to-face) meetings are necessary but not possible. Then, for example, the schedule could move forward. In that case, CED/EMN will get in touch with you to discuss the process. Because CED/EMN colleagues no longer meet one another physically, it is possible that ‘connecting’ takes some time; that can become noticeable in the way we provide our services to you. We ask for your understanding.

These are curious times in which CED/EMN will with all possibilities she has, tries to continue to keep our services to clients and those affected at the highest level possible. In case your question remains unanswered above, please get in touch with your contact within CED/EMN. We will happily inform you further.

As soon as new developments occur that affect our services, we will naturally keep you in the loop.

We wish you in your own conduct of business the best of luck with dealing the current challenges! CED/EMN will be on standby with whatever you might need.