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Workshop: claims settlement using modern technology

The Innosurance 2013 Congress, organised by Assurantie Magazine (AM), was held for the first time on 17 September 2013.

The Innosurance 2013 Congress, organised by Assurantie Magazine (AM), was held for the first time on 17 September 2013. As one of the sponsors of this event, CED held a workshop on the future of loss adjustment. We report on a speech by Peter Kruyt, Director of Business Development at CED, who showed that modern technology will change the world of loss adjustment completely - and therefore also the way CED works.

CED satellite to deliver even more big data
"For some years CED has made use of technology for optimal handling of our clients' claims. An example is FLEXSys, our advanced data analysis system. CED handles at least 900,000 claims per year and this indeed produces big data. FLEXSys interprets this data and currently applies it in the automated settlement of many claims. But why not, in time, launch our own CED satellite, to gather information worldwide about all kinds of risks and claims?"

Remote claims settlement via insured's iPad
"Almost every family now has an iPad which enables damage inspection and discussion at a distance. This technology ensures that we can settle a claim remotely in a way that is fast, efficient, low cost and extremely customer-friendly.  We do this together with the insured, who plays a central role. To this you must add CED's select network of repairers, controlled via MultiHerstel, through which we can deliver real solutions, on demand.  In many cases this results in both insurer and insured being considerably better off."

 Drones: video loss adjustment for complex claims
"The deployment of drones (camera-equipped, unmanned mini-helicopters) could be a way of handing the increasing complexity of claims.  The images taken by such a drone of, for example, a large fire could be received on your smartphone. A tele-loss adjuster could view a claim from our offices in this way, which is very efficient. CED is now in a pilot test phase with drones, so these devices could easily be our stepping stone to video loss adjustment for complex claims."

FLEXSys Glass helps the loss adjuster on site
"Obviously many claims will still require physical loss adjustment. But imagine a loss adjuster on site, equipped with Google Glass - or in our case, FLEXSys Glass. His navigation system is always with him; he knows exactly where he should be and when, as his glasses are coupled to the CED Planning System, and he can immediately access information in the land registry. FLEXSys Glass also instantly recognises the insured and informs the loss adjuster that this person has had home building insurance with a named insurer since 2001.  These are but a few of the many possibilities. But it is clear that this technology offers great potential for quick and expert claims settlement." 

Unique CED loss adjustment mix
 "Video claims settlement does have its limitations. As a claim becomes more complex and the emotional impact greater it becomes more difficult to apply this type of loss adjustment. Aspects like empathy - taking into account the emotions of the insured - are at least as important in determining client satisfaction. This requires application of our loss adjustment mix: an interplay between automated loss adjustment, remote loss adjustment and physical loss adjustment, in combination with good communication skills. It's exactly what makes CED unique. Our professionalism, effectiveness and ongoing renewal ensure that CED always offers a unique palette of solutions when it comes to claims settlement to the satisfaction of all parties. This makes CED the loss adjuster of choice in Europe and the business partner for those looking to differentiate themselves in the field of claims settlement."

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