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Fernando Fauste new General Manager of CED Iberia

As of 1 December Fernando Fauste (46) is the new General Manager of CED Iberia. He brings 25 years of experience in IT solutions for the insurance sector, in property loss adjustment and in loss adjustment for motor vehicles. Fernando Fauste has a clear mission: transforming CED Iberia to a partner for insurance carriers that is not only active in loss adjustment but in the whole chain of claim management.

CED group has already come a long way in digitalisation and is aiming at keeping it’s lead over it’s competitors. Taking advantage of the investing power of multinational CED, the new General Manager of CED Iberia will also focus intensively on digital business. In addition to this, he will take CED Iberia in the power of the new strategy of CED: being a full service provider offering an integrated approach, from advice on prevention to  repair in kind. That makes CED a value specialist instead of a loss adjustment handler. The focus on value instead of loss adjustment brings about a mentality change in the industry thoughout Europe.

Tranformation ahead

Fernando Fauste: ‘CED developed a new way to manage claims. With this new vision and strategy I believe we can really improve the customer experience. And that is exactly that what insurance companies are looking for. The industry now realizes that it needs to adapt to the rapid changing customer expectations. For example, Spanish insurance carriers have an average loyalty span of just four years at the moment. To stay viable in the future a dramatic change is needed in improving the customer experience. This need provides us with the opportunity to transform in becoming a real partner that is active not only in loss adjustment but in the whole chain of claim management.’

A career in IT and insurance

Fernando Fauste started his career in 1991 as part of the salesforce of Audatex,  a software services provider for claims management . In 2000 he transferred to GT Motive to create new solutions for them. In 2004 he decided to start up  a company jointly with other partners, TASARIA. The main focus was nationwide loss adjustment services for motor vehicles. In less  than five years time the company reached a top position in the market. He created another two new companies: Proyecta, focused on Property loss adjustment and Sinexia, creating IT solutions for claims management. In 2011 TASARIA was sold to Dekra and Sinexia was sold to Audatex. He remained the overall manager of Dekra and was advisor and board member of Sinexia. In 2013 he returned to Audatex to become the general manager of Sinexia and was in charge of the property business area. This December Fernando Fauste joined CED.