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Face recognition opens doors in the hospitality business

Face recognition. Only for the security industry? According to the Enschede start-up, 20Face, the opportunities for good facial recognition are much greater. But software must then be able to recognize a face in all circumstances.

There’s no shortage of ideas for innovative applications at 20Face. Car seats and mirrors that adjust automatically, even before you click your seat belt? A television that matches the supply of channels to the current viewer? It’s all possible - and a single glimpse of your face is enough, thanks to 20Face technology.

Faster and cheaper
Face recognition software offers enormous opportunities in the ‘convenience industry’ and for the hospitality industry, thinks business brain Peter Hoekstra. “We know facial recognition mainly as a security application,” he says. “But so much more can be done. Imagine that, in a nursing home, elderly people are always given the right amount of the correct medication, based on facial recognition.” According to Hoekstra, the fact that such applications are not yet commonplace is due to the hardware and software used. “Sometimes infrared scanners or special cameras have to be purchased, and systems are often just too slow. Existing technology compares a newly-entered image with images in a database - and must consider all of them. If you want to use facial recognition more widely it must be faster and cheaper.”

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