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CED expands in Europe by taking over Spanish CAP

After taking over the French Eurexo company at the end of last year, CED has again strengthened its leadership on the European market this month. On March 31, CED signed the takeover agreement with the Spanish Consulting de Asesores Periciales (CAP). ‘With this takeover we are strengthening our position on the Spanish market of expertise,’ CEO François Goffinet says.

The Madrilenian CAP has over 30 years of experience in the property damage insurance sector. CED Group, of which CED Iberia is a part, is the European market leader when it comes to claims settlement and taxations in a diverse amount of market sectors. By merging CAP and CED Iberia, a market leader for the Spanish region is created in the field of high-volume claims and taxations in the domains Property, Mobility and Vitality.

Adding value 
‘This cooperation agreement is a historic step for us that will allow for more investments, to be able to continue building to a successful future for our customers’, Félix Bermúdez of CAP states. ‘For the time being, the takeover will not have any direct consequences for the operation or the colleagues of CAP or of CED Iberia,’ as Fernando Fauste of CED Iberia says. ‘What we will do is explore all possibilities of synergy in the interest of our customers and their duped ones. Eventually, this cooperation is fully focused on growth and adding value to our customers.’