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CED achieves second ISAE report

A seal of quality that delivers an important signal to clients who outsource services to CED.


We are very proud that CED has also succeeded in achieving its second ISAE (International Standards on Assurance Engagements) 3402 report (Type 2). This seal of quality delivers an important signal to clients who outsource services. They can be confident that, with CED as their business partner, high quality service delivery is backed by reliable processes and control measures.

Last year, CED was the first player in the claims management market to obtain the ISAE 3402 claims management report (Type 1). Now we are also the first in the industry to obtain the second report. Ruud Beckers, project leader and Finance and Control Manager, called the achievement "A milestone".  "This reinforces current and potential clients' selection of CED as the best company for their needs."

ISAE 3402 is the global standard for reporting on the management of processes outsourced to service providers like CED. Control measures are sampled once for Type 1 and over a period of six months for Type 2. "This enables us to demonstrate the detailed management of our internal processes over a longer period of time", said Beckers. The ISAE reports are controlled by Ernst & Young.

The new ISAE report entrenches CED's position as market leader. Large businesses, in particular, look for demonstrably reliable suppliers when outsourcing services, so that they are always assured of quality.  

According to Beckers, the ISAE report is also evidence of a culture change at CED. "When we started this, some two years ago, it was new for everyone. We had to explain to colleagues why they had to record the details of every process step. We had never done that before.  Now that we've been doing it for a while, the recording and controlling of processes has become automatic. Colleagues also see that the ISAE report works to our advantage."

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