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CED accelerates deployment of remote inspection and loss adjustment

Now that the 1.5 metre 'social distance' is the talk of the day, remote inspection and loss adjustment has become an excellent alternative. CED has rapidly rolled out this unique digital - and yet personal – solution, to replace physical inspection and loss adjustment. For both the Mobility and the Property market. Convenient for now - and an efficient, customer-oriented alternative for later.

Remote loss adjustment combines digital aids with the personal approach of the CED loss adjuster. The CED loss adjuster and the claimant are in contact with each other, live, via an image connection. During the damage assessment the claimant is in consultation with the loss adjuster and shows the damage via his smartphone. The loss adjuster determines which photos he needs for loss adjustment. The images and data are automatically uploaded in an online environment, after which the CED loss adjuster prepares his report. This is all done in accordance with the guidelines of the General Data Protection and Privacy Regulations.

Faster, more productive, more customer-oriented
'Remote loss adjustment is the answer to today's special challenges’, says CED's Commercial Director, Nico Dekker. 'However, a digital visit like this, by a loss adjuster, could become a more frequent replacement for physical visits in the future. This would lead to higher productivity and shorter turnaround times in the claims handling process. It would also ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction. Remote loss adjustment is a simple and fast process, which doesn’t require additional applications. The claimant is closely involved and personal contact with the CED loss adjuster is guaranteed. This turns the claims handling process into a comfortable customer journey.’

Wide range of options
CED's remote services are not only attractive for the 'traditional' loss adjustment done by insurers and agents in the Mobility and Property markets. Remote inspection could also be a cost and time efficient alternative for leasing companies and fleet managers with frequent driver changes. It could also benefit real estate entrepreneurs, housing corporations, businesses and owners’ associations – in the areas of risk assessment, valuation and repair-in-kind services. 'It’s a unique digital solution', concludes Dekker, 'with the personal assurance of the added value of the CED loss adjuster’s knowledge and expertise. A golden combination, for now and in the future!'

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