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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our strategy is expressed in the values of expertise, decisiveness, innovation and energy. This helps us realise our professional ambitions. We have also used these values to guide our corporate social responsibility (CSR) ambitions, both internally and externally.

CED's vision is that what is of value must remain of value. And we can only achieve this if we are truly valuable to our own employees - our most important and most valuable asset - which is why we are committed to diversity within our workforce, why we ensure a safe workplace, and why we offer our employees opportunities for professional and social development. All this is based on the principle of equal opportunity for all. We apply the principle of equal opportunity both internally and externally. For example, CED offers people with a disadvantage in the labor market the opportunity to reintegrate within our company; thereby taking them a valuable step closer to new career opportunities.

Internal drive – external expression
Our knowledge and passion drive us to make realistic choices, choices that fit our CED values. And so we strive to be a reliable partner to those in our external environment. We collaborate with professional partners, and we are always on the lookout for innovative solutions and applications. This always goes hand in hand with diligence and responsibility. Customers entrust us with personal data. Diligent protection of this data is, for us, a natural function of respect for people's privacy and personal lives. Equally self-evident to us is the sharing of knowledge. So we are prolific in publishing and co-creation. We also focus on the younger generation, for instance with our high school 'Safety flash point' project. Here CED has joined forces with the CED Group to interest, inform and motivate year 3 high school learners about fire safety in their future work environments.

Being transparent about CSR activities
Corporate social responsibility starts with transparency: providing insight into what CED does and why we do it. In order to ensure that this is as clear as possible, we asked FIRA to verify our CSR report. Using CSR scorecards, our performance was rated comparable to that of other companies. The FIRA Platform is a digital register in which companies make their CSR performance visible to customers. The platform is closely aligned with international and national sustainability standards such as ISO 26000, ISO 20400 DIS, AA1000 and GRI.

For more information on CED’s CSR policy contact Elliott Wagschal at elliott.wagschal@ced.nl