CED coaches high school pupils on risk and innovation.

‘Will you one day have a role in preventing a fire?'

Insurance, claims, fire safety - often rather remote topics when you are 14, 15 or 16 years old. Nevertheless, awareness in this area is important. Especially if your studies are taking you in the direction of technology or (technical) service delivery. It’s good to be able to assess the risks in your sector at an early stage, and to know what innovations are available to limit them.

The CED Group educational institute is developing a series of lessons on this topic, especially for secondary school learners. This is being done with the help of value specialist CED (not to be confused with the educational institution itself). Ten CED experts will take their place in the classroom next year, coaching youngsters via guest lectures on claims and safety, as well as giving them practical assignments.

The project starts this autumn, with a pilot at the Melanchthon Berkroden in Berkel and Rodenrijs. The entire project will run for three years, at ten different schools and be included in courses ranging from healthcare to technical subjects.

One of the coaches is Theo van Vugt, 'It's great to talk to students about the subject of claims, in the broadest sense of the word. Corporate social responsibility is best practiced in the neighbourhood, as practically as possible, with parties you’re close to. In this case we’re offering young people the opportunity to develop themselves and hopefully we’ll enable them to prevent distressing situations in the future - both as private individuals and, if it’s up to me, also as value professionals!’

Van Vugt, team manager at CED Property, concludes, ‘It’s normally only when things really go wrong that we think about preventing damage. That's just how people are.’