About CED

What is of value is different for each one of us: a nice home, the opportunity to be able to go and stay where we want, our own health and that of our family and/or relatives and including possessions both small and large that have a special meaning for us and are therefore priceless. CED is the service provider behind many insurers, property managers, corporates and governments. Where value can be protected and restored, there is CED.

“At CED we understand what is valuable to people and business”

Our vision

CED protects and preserves what people love. With 2500 employees in 12 European countries, we are working together to deliver on this promise to our customers - every day – again and again. We work with the idea that what is of value to someone should remain of value - just as we would like it ourselves. We are a leader in the market - and we want to maintain that position.

Innovative value specialist

If valuable things are threatened or compromised, we want to be helped quickly and in a customer-focused way. At CED, we believe that modern technology can push customer experiences to unprecedented heights. Our formula is simple: we work digitally wherever possible and face to face where necessary. CED's strength lies in its integrated service provision, from prevention through to reporting and restoration - all designed with innovative technology, making CED the most innovative value specialist.

Faster, better, more efficient

CED is leading the way in developing tools that make our services and those of our customers faster, better and more efficient. Think of CED Connect, the most advanced and most widely used digital damage platform in the Netherlands. It is our ambition to use artificial intelligence, internet of things, domotics and robotics to prevent damage as much as possible and thus preserve and increase the value of ownership, mobility and vitality.

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Our customers

We achieve this for companies in the insurance sector, real estate companies, housing corporations, leasing companies, health care providers, large corporations and governments - from one strong CED brand, but also as a white label: energy-efficient, innovative, decisive and expert. In this way, we create or add value for our customers.