Restoring value after earthquake damage

A house is much more than just bricks and mortar: it’s somebody’s home, a valuable place. And that also goes for the people of the province of Groningen in the north of the Netherlands, who were faced with damage to their homes due to earthquakes caused by gas extraction. At times like these it’s not about the damage claim, but about restoring value: about what’s truly important for people. That’s what CED advocates as a partner in the CVW.

The CVW is dedicated to the repair of earthquake damage to homes and other buildings in the vicinity of the Groningen gas field. Besides repairs, the CVW also works on inspecting and if necessary reinforcing homes and other buildings, and making them safer. Where possible, measures are also immediately put in place to make the buildings more energy-efficient. 

Attention for the victims comes first

Damage to your home often affects people personally: it inevitably means worries. That’s why for CED and the CVW it’s the resident, and not the damage that he or she has suffered, that is the prime concern. We match our chosen approach to the resident, and we also identify the most appropriate specialist. This specialist, also known as a residents’ advisor, remains involved with the victim from A to Z. He or she finds out where the greatest concerns lie, and how we can resolve them. That’s where the restoration of value begins.

Removing uncertainty: fast!

Hans Coffeng, CEO of CED: “CED contributes its renowned approach in the fields of customer contact, claims management and repair management to the CVW. Right from the first moment of contact we try to identify what the problem is and to propose an appropriate solution. We can do that because our specialists have a wealth of experience with emergencies and smart IT solutions at their disposal, so they can establish what follow-up steps need to be taken. In this way we can remove the victim’s nagging uncertainty, and take measures to make their house a safe home again.”

About the Safe Homes Centre

CVW took over the processing of earthquake damage claims from the NAM oil and gas company in early 2015. The CVW is made up of partners Arcadis and CED. Working under the auspices of NAM, the consortium organises the claim settlements and, directed by the National Coordinator for Groningen, arranges the implementation of the inspection, engineering and reinforcement programme. The organisation represents a powerful combination of the knowledge of advisory and engineering organisation Arcadis with the experience and expertise of CED in people-centred claims management. From a new local organisation in Appingedam, CED supports the CVW in formulating protocols, operational processes and systems, as well as transferring specific expertise to the consortium. As far as possible, the CVW works with professionals and employees from the region, so giving a boost to the local economy.