CED has a clear vision: we protect and safeguard things that are valuable to their owners. This is based on the philosophy that, when something is valuable to someone, it should stay that way. After all, on a personal level, this is what we would want.

A rich history

Ever since CED started operating its loss adjustment services back in 1971, we have always had a good eye for the needs of our clients and the developments in the world around us. And that had its effect! Together we figure out how to extend our services in just the right way, again and again. We base every decision on knowledge, experience and an open mind. Keeping a sharp eye on the things that are of value in someone’s life has brought us to our leading position.

We are proud of the dedication and commitment of our staff. Every day we support our customers' success by creating exceptional value

The power of CED

CED is an ideal partner for any party sharing our mission: to protect and preserve what is of value to people. With our domains Mobility, Property and Vitality, we fulfil that promise to our clients through the efforts of 1500 employees in 14 European countries. We work with one strong CED brand and a very complete range of products and services. We are energetic, innovative, decisive and knowledgeable. That’s how we, in turn, create value for our clients. Every day.

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